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Welcome to Oak Class@Weston Lullingfields

Years 4, 5 and 6 were taught to an exceptionally high standard (until the Coronavirus made us all stay at home) by Mr Burton (Mon, Tue, Wed) and Mrs Watson (Thu, Fri). Oak Class was also supported (until the Coronavirus made us all stay at home) by our fantastic teaching assistants Mrs Evans (HLTA) and Mrs Hulme. The focus of the morning sessions used to be Guided Reading, Maths and English (until the Coronavirus made us all stay at home)

In the afternoons, we used to cover all other curriculum areas e.g. Science, Computing, Art, RE and PE (until the Coronavirus made us all stay at home).

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Monday 23rd March

Dear lovely Oak Class children,

Today is the first day of actually not having to put up with me teaching you stuff in school and you can finally get on with your work independently without me confusing you even more and without Jo causing trouble in the classroom!

I really hope that you are all well and making sure that you are looking after yourselves and your family by eating properly, washing your hands, not using too much toilet roll (if you are lucky enough to have some!), exercising, washing your hands, having fun, washing your hands, watching TV etc.

In case anyone was wondering or worrying (I doubt anyone did actually miss me but thought I’d write this anyway), I am now back to full fitness after feeling ill (not with the slightly more worrying thing that has been in the news a little bit in the last few weeks). I hope to see you all again soon.       Mr Burton




In the story ‘Skellig’ that we have been reading in class, Mina loves drawing birds and finding out about different birds. Your task is to research lots of different types of birds and then choose your favourite.

1: Draw an amazing detailed picture of your chosen bird

2: Make a fact file all about it.

Click Here to start researching – Link to A-Z of birds on RSPB website


Y6 revision (but Y4 and 5 can do this too) As it is the first day of being at home and learning maths, I have set you an easier task to get you started.

Practice counting from 1-20 and from 20-1 at the same time as washing your hands quite a few times today. I know this is really going to stretch some of the older children in the school when you get past 10 so just a reminder that it is 11 next. (I hope you still understand my sense of humour from my writing rather than me actually speaking to you). For those of you who can already do this, try counting on in 1s 20 times from another number e.g. -7 to +12 e.g. start with -7 in your head,-6,-5,-4,-3,-2,-1,0,1,2,3,4…….12


Check back tomorrow where you will find other exciting activities that will make you want to stop lying in bed, watching TV, playing on the computer/games console etc for far too long!



Hi everyone. Today’s focus is on times tables. Please spend some time on TTrockstars (Y6 can use Sumdog too if they like as this has a times tables section) to practice your times tables.


Choose one of the windows in your house to look out of. Write a lovely description of what you can see using lots of adjectives similes and other things you have been learning in class (e.g. figurative language).

e.g. The trees are dancing gently in the wind. The street outside my house was as empty as the toilet roll section of the supermarket shelves……..

Wednesday 25th March

Today is project day! You will already know that we do an independent learning project each term so I would like you to choose something that you are really, really interested in and create a scrap book or Powerpoint, labelled pictures etc e.g one of you is fascinated by military vehicles, one of you loves horses. Choose something that will really motivate you!

Home learning during school closure

Home learning Year 4, Year 5, Year 6

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