Hello children,

I hope you are all well. I go for a walk and read a few pages of my book each day each day. Yesterday, I did some work in my garden, trying to make it look pretty. I wonder if you could all draw a picture of your garden. You can either sit outside to do this or look through one of your windows. Make sure you colour it beautifully too. When you’ve finished, do you think you could label it? Make sure you use your letter sounds to help you do this!

I wonder if you could try something for me? Write out your numbers from 1 to 20 and then try and find something that has that number of things in your house or garden. For example, I could write –

1  tree

2 cats (I have two – their names are Millie and Jess)

3 books (I can only see 3 from where I am sitting)

love from,

Mrs Edge

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