Dear Little Acorns (Year 1/Reception/Nursery),

I hope you are enjoying this lovely warm weather. I am missing you all but have thought up some fun activities for you to enjoy this next week. If you are able to post any work, photos etc on Tapestry EYLJ, it would be great. Some of you will still have your old logins. I will try and create access logins for others. It will be a great way for us to share activities. If not, never mind, just enjoy some of the activities I have come up with below:

Before we left school, we all enjoyed reading the story of Stickman by Julia Donaldson. Here are a few suggestions for you to try this next week which include Maths, English, Science, D and T, PSHE, Geography, Art and Forest School!

  • Tell the Stickman story to your parents (if you have forgotten parts, look it up on You Tube) Say how you would feel if your were the dog, Stickman, the swan etc. (Speaking and Listening/PSHE)
  • Make your own Stick family (use sticks from the garden) (D and T, Maths – appropriate sizes)
  • Order and measure your family – as long as you use the same unit of measure, you can use anything from leaves to a centimetre tape measure……(Maths)
  • Think up your own Stickman/Sticklady adventures to take place during one day – eg ants use Stickman for a seat, garden fairies use Stickman for a table etc (Have fun!) (English)
  • Make/Draw little clocks (paper) and make a book of Stickman’s adventures eg.   (Maths/English)
  • 11 o’clock – He/She ………..
  • 12 o’clock – He/She……. (Don’t forget your capital letters!)
  • Make a lovely home for your Stick family to live in with at least three rooms. You could maybe use leaves/cloths for beds; cardboard for tables; stones for seats…….(D and T, Science – Why have you chosen each material?)
  • Draw a plan of this home. Don’t forget doors and windows! (Geography)
  • Write and make a recipe for a Stick Family stew eg two cups of water, 3 leaves, crunched up twigs, 1 piece of paper (shredded)……(Writing, Maths)

Also, collect 10 or 20 sticks (or other) and arrange these materials in different ways to learn your number bonds to 10 or/and 20 (17 + 3; 16+ 4; 10 + 10 etc or 2 + 8; 3 + 7) etc. Can you make up a song for these number bonds like the one we sing at school – zero and 10, 10 strong men, one and nine, stand in a line, two and eight, don’t be late, three and seven, drive to Devon…….Again have fun and be creative!) (Music, Maths)                                                                                                                   I hope you have lots of fun and I look forward to reading all about your Stick family adventures. I will now have a look at Tapestry and see if we can access it together. I’m in school next Friday so can maybe set up things then, if I can’t before.                                                                                                  Take care and Enjoy!

Love From,

Mrs Edge











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