About Our School

One of our children described our school as a “Small school, big family”. Here’s why…

Our CofE primary school for 3-11 year olds is a happy, safe and stimulating place to learn, situated in beautiful rural surroundings.  Our numbers are small, which means lots of personal attention and, because the staff know our children very well, we are able to plan learning and meet our children’s needs very well.

Another really important part of what makes our school such a great place to be is the importance being a church school plays in our every day learning.   Whilst the children learn about the church and Christianity in our RE lessons and Collective Worship times, we feel that our Christian values are enacted throughout the school in every lesson and playtime.  Incidents of bullying are very rare indeed, and we are well mannered,  kind and tolerant with each other. Our older children take care of the little ones, and our relationships with one another are strong and supportive. We understand, and forgive. All our children are aware of their responsibilities to ensure that everyone’s rights are respected.

We work hard at our lessons, but we like to have fun as well.  The school offers a range of different after-school activities, and we go on lots of appropriate school trips.  We hold debates, make animation films, develop skipping tricks, knit, sew, cook, garden, sing, play instruments, produce fabulous artwork, write and illustrate books, pray or spend time in reflection and quiet, fund raise, perform plays,  enjoy football, build rockets and invent planets, create extreme environments, design gloves and hats,  hold picnics for our teddy bears, run Sports Relief Miles, wear our pyjamas to school  (even the teachers),  camp in the field, share services at Holy Trinity Church with the village, draw scale plans of our classrooms, work out the costings for new furniture, go on nature scrambles…

We work hard to provide an imaginative and challenging curriculum or the highest quality that focuses on academic, challenging, creative and fun. We aspire to the highest standards in achievement and attainment for all, celebrating and fostering the talents of all children.

Subsequently our children become confident and expressive,  and fearless in trying things out.  We don’t worry about making mistakes because we know that we are learning through them.  We are thus a happy and joyful school with very high expectations for ourselves and for our children with an aim to be beyond outstanding some day (soon).

Come and visit us and see for yourselves what being part of the Weston Lullingfields family is all about.  You’d be very welcome.

Elizabeth Madin

Acting Headteacher

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