Sports Premium

Purpose of Funding

In the wake of the 2012 Olympics, the government set aside a grant of money for each school to develop their sports curriculum.  Initially this was for two years, but since then, the initiative has been extended by a further year.  Schools were given the freedom to spend the money in whatever way would benefit their children, providing it was spent on the aims of improving the school’s PE and sports provision.

Rationale for spending Sports Funding at Weston Lullingfields CE Primary School

Providing a wide ranging and high quality PE curriculum can be a challenge in a very small school.  We are unfortunately miles away from high quality sports facilities and opportunities, with small numbers of staff and children which also has an impact on the provision we can provide.   However at Weston Lullingfields CE Primary School we are dedicated to providing the wide ranging curriculum that allows children to experience activities that they would not normally be able to access and giving them an opportunity to make good or above progress in developing their skills.  We also consider that children’s enjoyment is of the highest priority and we aim to instil a love of sports and outside activity.   Therefore our rationale for spending is therefore dedicated to:

  1. Providing the children with the highest quality PE and sports that we can offer, ensuring that staff who deliver PE and Sports are well trained, enthusiastic and supported.
  2. Providing a range of activities that we couldn’t otherwise offer being a small school and  increasing participation in activity beyond the school curriculum
  3. Providing transport to facilities that we would not be able to access otherwise
  4. Enabling children to participate in the wider School Games competition and play sports alongside other children

The tables below outlines the initiatives that have been funded by the Sports Grant, and those that are planned.  This will be updated regularly.

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